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Euroguard offers it’s clients a complete range of services from pest control and prevention, to washroom and hygiene services.

Our services include:

• Pest Control & Pest Prevention
• Bird Control
• Washroom & Hygiene
• Free No Obligation Site Surveys
• No Callout Charges!

Our UK pest control and pest prevention contract services are unbeatable in value. It is the aim of Euroguard Limited to continue to provide our complete package of services well into the future and expand keeping the same principals we were founded upon.

Unlike most other ‘multi-service’ companies, customer service division is based within one main building, in Kent. This opens a healthy line of communication as clients can contact us easily by calling just one number. Service and surveying staff work from mobile units and are strategically located and tracked to ensure that all enquiries and emergency calls are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Our London office have response units on standby to reach customers as quickly as possible without having to travel to the city from Kent.

Pest Control Division

Contract Services
Regular contracted site vists to ensure a pest free environment and help maintain compliance to current Health & Safety legislation and show ‘due diligance’ under the Food Safety Act 1990.

Clients using this service receive;

• Regular site visits from a qualified Pest Control Technician who will fully inspect throughout for even the slightest signs of pest activity and carry out preventive / eradication treatments where necessary.

• A fully comprehensive reporting system giving details of all site visits, problems noted if any, and treatments carried out.

• C.O.S.H.H assessment carried out on each site visit.

• A free call out facility available 24/7 with no restrictions on the amount and no extra charges made for evening or weekend call outs.

• Access to expert advice with regards The Food safety Act 1990.

Pest Control/Eradication services

• Guaranteed same day response to emergency calls covering all areas throughout London and the Home Counties.

• Guaranteed riddance of any pest.

• Fully prepared Bird control team who specialise in all aspects of bird control.

• Very competitive prices that can’t be beaten.

Washroom Services

• Feminine Hygiene
• Instalation and Maintenance of Care Units for Ladies Toilets / Baby Changing Rooms including waste disposal
• Sanitary Disposal Bins
• Vending Machines for Towel / Tampon / Condom / Tights
• Nappy Disposal & Baby Changing Units
• Nappy Bag Dispensers
• Air Fresheners / Soap & Sanitising Sprays and Dispensers

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