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Pest Control in London & SE

Welcome to Euro-guard, professional Pest Control for London and the South East. Euroguard have been supplying Pest Control in London and the UK since 1993 and offers it’s clients a complete range of services from pest control and prevention, to washroom and hygiene services. Euroguard have pest control technicians and surveyors located throughout London and the South East, so we are ready to deal with your problem. If you’re looking for pest control experts in London or pest control in Kent or the home counties, you’re in the right place!


Euroguard News

New! Falconry Bird Control

Conventionally, most bird control has been performed using a combination of nets and repellents. However, in our many years of bird control servicing we have noticed that there are many circumstances when these prove inappropriate due to economic constraints or building structure. In
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Pigeon Pest Control London

Bird Control

All about our Bird Control Services such as Netting, Spike Systems and Trapping Programmes
get rid of rats

Pest Control

Our Pest Control London service can help eradicate your problem and prevent future issues.
Insect Pest Control London

Insect Control

Guaranteed control of all the insect pests, Bees, Wasps, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Beetles and Flies etc
Washroom and Hygiene Services

Washroom & Hygiene

How we can assist in keeping your business clean and maintained.

Identify Your Pest

There are many pests in the UK, which is why we have created below a gallery of common nasties. To help you with identification, use the filter below, to find the pest you wish to learn more about, it's habits, biology and the many reasons for stopping it in it's tracks.